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Feel free to talk to us! 770-438-0033

Delivering quality care right at your homes

COVID-19 Precautions

Despite how fast and vast the emerging COVID-19 casualties spread across the globe, we can still help protect ourselves and others from the onslaught of the fatal disease.

Some of the protective measures you can take include physical distancing, proper respiratory hygiene (covering the nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing), frequent handwashing, regular disinfection, health monitoring, and staying well-informed.

This is a friendly reminder from BWell Senior Care

BWell Senior Care understands that as a person ages or develops medical problems, they may rely more on others for help with personal needs. Our goal is to assist mature adults in maintaining their optimum level of independence. This is why BWell Senior Care uses Certified Caregivers to help enhance a client’s quality of life and prevent an undesired move from their home. We accomplish this by offering an array of home support services customized for each individual. For more comprehensive care, we also provide physician house calls as needed.


Physician House Call Services

Home Care Services

BWell Senior Care has taken a unique approach to in-home care which puts the client and their family first. We provide hourly and 24/7 live-in care and our Physicians make house calls. This model positions BWell to achieve its ultimate goal of keeping our clients in their own homes where they are most comfortable.

Our Promise

To you, our clients, and extended family:

  • We offer a higher level of service and care: provides better supervision and allows greater attention to detail.
  • We provide the same level of service that we would want for our own parents.
  • We are highly selective in our hiring process of caregivers — check multiple references, do criminal background checks, check the candidates’ work eligibility, and conduct an extensive application and interview process.
  • Problems and grievances will be addressed immediately and appropriately.
  • Clients and their families will be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Our caregivers will always respect the client’s religious and cultural preferences, including dietary needs.
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