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Feel free to talk to us! 770-438-0033

Keeping your homes safe, healthy, and lively

As part of reassuring better health and safety for your loved ones at home, we can provide staff who can perform household chores. And while they are recovering in the comfort of your home, our compassionate staff can accompany them as needed.

What We Do

Home Management

  • Light housekeeping — dusting, vacuuming, dishes, and more
  • Meal planning, preparation, and cleanup
  • Garbage and recycling
  • Laundry, linen changes, and ironing
  • Care of house plants
  • Overseeing home deliveries
  • Coordination of lawn care
  • Dry cleaning drop off and pickup
  • Nutritional supervision
  • Planning visits, outings, and trips
  • Running errands


  • Nighttime assistance and safety
  • Pet care assistance
  • Appointment scheduling, reminders, and escorting
  • Unexpected or incidental transportation needs
  • Grocery shopping assistance
  • Recreation, games, crafts, and reading
  • Conversation
  • Social outing assistance

Home safety and enhanced emotional and social health are some of the key ways to ensure better patient outcomes and improved quality of life. This is why we provide home management and companionship services.

To know more about the specifics of our services, please contact us today. We look forward to serving you soon. Thank you for visiting our website.

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